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FUSIONOPOLIS: Singapore’s New Green Skyscraper Inhabitat

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So you've made a decision you want to design the next home? It's no surprise--if you are like the majority of prospective home owners, you have a picture in mind of precisely what your "dream home" would be like, yet finding a preexisting home that matches your eyesight is rare. You will discover many things to consider when designing your own home, so we'll show you how to make the the majority of this process which means that your next home could possibly be the fantasy home you envision.The ultimate way to design your own home is to get inspired and organize your ideas. Visit open residences and take photographs in your favorite neighborhoods of homes that you like. Keep photos, wish lists, and sketches prepared in a notebook. To understand about developing your design with an architect, scroll down!FUSIONOPOLIS: Singapore’s New Green Skyscraper  Inhabitat

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Get motivated. Before you pull a single line, check with an architect, or buy that cool new software application that can do it all, consider your dreams. At the beginning of the process, it's not about board foot or setbacks or even floor programs. It's about how precisely you define your desires. Much of this you will already know--it's your aspiration, after all!Get organized. Thinking is good, and it's vital to truly have a vision for what you want to attain, but achieving it will be a lot more difficult if you are constantly looking to the scrap of paper you thought you left over there.Get a durable, cloth-bound graph-ruled notebook (categorised as a "computation book"), and keep it with you until your home is done. Its numbered, graph-ruled web pages can help you keep your thoughts organized as well as your sketches neat. You can use it to tape or paste in photos, list quotes, contractors, numbers, and other things from the project.Dedicate several pages right up front to things that your house must have--whether it be 3 bath rooms or bamboo floor, these are the things you require in your home.Dedicate another webpage or two to list of every feature and desire you've culled from your various resources, and call this your "Wish List." This could be anything from a specific shape of molding with an Italian tile bathroom.Paint the big picture. Now that you are getting specific about what you like and what you desire, it's time to focus.Will you favor urban or rural living?Do your preferences put you in expansive house with room for the kids to try out and the pups to run, or a beautiful bungalow for just two?
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Do you favour clean, modern lines or detailed, hand-built craftsmanship?Are you pleased with standard engineering techniques, or are you considering lasting, LEED-certified design?Perhaps the main of all concerns, what's your budget?These questions will help guide you as you get started to target your eye-sight into actionable steps.The more information that you provides to your architect or builder about the facts of your vision, the more likely you won't only get the design of your dreams, you'll stick to budget as well.

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Consult a professional architect. Designing a home should be a project that will provide you with many years of fulfillment whenever your dream is became aware. The best way to ensure this happens most effectively (& most cost effectively) is to bring an architect in to the actual design process. Your part of the design is knowing what you would like. The architect's part is helping you make your design goals work, and steering you around design capture.